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Chef Knives, Hand Forged
Chef Knives, Hand Forged
Chef Knives, Hand Forged

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Chef Knife, Hand Forged

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These are hand forged knives created by myself from 5160 high carbon steel and reclaimed oak from a 120+ year old barn here in Vermont, as pictured in this 7" chef knife.

These knives are created to showcase the unique marks of what the steel was before forging and to add a distinctive handmade character that is not found in factory knives. Please note these knives are "Forged" some makers use flat bar stock and grind away the metal called "Stock removal" to make the knife profile and edge. My knives are heating in my forge and hand hammered to shape on an antique anvil. This forging method makes the metal more dense and stronger than the previous method and I believe makes a better knife. This is also much more labor intensive and consequently is a more expensive knife. Ultimately worth the effort however, with a knife that will last for generations if cared for properly.

Prices range from $250 to $850 depending on blade size. These knives are made and offered for sale on our site as they are completed.

Other handle material that I offer are cherry wood, curly maple and walnut.

There will be a list of knives to choose from and we encourage those who are interested to sign up for email updates to be notified when a knife is available for purchase. Or you can email for estimated time frames for completion of what will be available.