7" Chef, Hand Forged
7" Chef, Hand Forged
7" Chef, Hand Forged

Furnace Brook Iron Works

7" Chef, Hand Forged

$ 100.00

#### Please note, this is a custom order knife that I take a $100.00 deposit plus the flat rate shipping charge on upfront. When your knife is completed you will be contacted to pay the balance and your knife will then be shipped. Approximate time for delivery is 4 to 6 weeks ####

******The total cost for this knife is $225.00 ******The balance will be $125.00 after deposit *****

This is our most popular style chef / kitchen knife we sell here. Forged from a solid round piece of high carbon 5160 steel.

Blade size is approximately 7 inches x 1 5/8" deep

Overall length is approximately 12"

This one is shown with a reclaimed oak handle from a 120 year old barn in Charlotte Vermont.

All of our knives are forged one at a time in our Vermont blacksmith shop. Heated in our forge and hand hammered to shape on an antique anvil. Each one has character of it's own. We leave some of the hammer and forging marks on the blade to reflect the handmade process involved, and the effort it takes to create them.. and no two are alike.  

These are a solid heavy duty design, reminiscent of a simpler time gone by, tough and dependable for everyday use. Sharpened to an extremely sharp edge that will hold up to heavy use in the home or professional kitchen.

Eack knife comes with care instructions and a lifetime guarantee. If there is ever a problem with one of our knives when used for its intended purpose, we will replace or repair it for free.

Please call or email for custom size requests and other handle woods available.

Please contact us for any questions and please sign up for our newsletter for upcoming knives as them become available.

Thank you,

Scott Hawley

Furnace Brook Iron Works