Small Hunter With Tiger Maple Handle
Small Hunter With Tiger Maple Handle
Small Hunter With Tiger Maple Handle

Furnace Brook Iron Works

Small Hunter With Tiger Maple Handle

$ 235.00


This is my most asked for style knife hunting knife I make here. It's small 3 1/2" blade is just right for skinning game or wherever a smaller knife is needed. It can be carried on your belt or small enough to just fit in and inside jacket pocket or pack. 

Overall length is approximately 7 1/2"

Made from 5160 high carbon steel that will hold an edge and is known for its toughness and durability.

The curly tiger maple wood handle is antiqued with full brass pins

The sheath is made from 8 oz leather that is hand stitched with a full welt, waterproofed, signed and dated. This knife is made for field dressing game or chores around the camp but it is also just as at home in the kitchen as a small paring knife.T

I make all of my knives and sheaths right here in my Vermont blacksmith and woodworking shop since 1992. 

Each blade is forged from a single piece of high carbon steel. Distinctive forging marks are left to show these knives are handmade and have a natural aged appearance.

All of my knives come with a lifetime warranty. If there is ever a problem I will repair or replace it for free. This does not include abuse or neglect of the knife, or other use than what it is intended for.

Other handle woods are available.

 Please contact us for any questions and please sign up for our newsletter for upcoming knives as them become available.

Thank you,

Scott Hawley